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Retina Images for you website, 3 solutions - 1 Problem

You might consider upgrading your current graphics of your website for retina displays. Here are 3 solutions to do it in a very simple way ... but wait before you re-export all your images at a higher resolution. The new iPad and the iPhone 4S might not display the image at it's full size - if it is too big it will downsize it, making your efforts in creating a high res web experience a fail.

For more info read the following blog post, 5by5 Hypercritical Podcast and the specification from Apple of the mobile Safari webbrowser.

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3 Solutions For Serving High-Res Images To Retina-Display Devices

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Cudos to Apple for changing the naming scheme for the iPad and updating the developer...

Guess what, not only has the iPad dropped the number from it's name, but it has therefore followed how "normal" people talk about technology. I'm not only favorable for how Apple handles things, but that John Doe comes into the store and wants "the new iPad" sounds true to me. So why not just embrace it. They talk about making things simple, and with 7 different iPad Versions the easiest way is to not use any specifics in the name. Customers on the other hand will talk about their iPad after the purchase, not about their iPad 3 4g LTE 32Gigs ...

But how about developers who have to identify the different versions. Well, Apple has already updated their development website - they call the "new iPad" just high resolution iPad - so alle the iPad HD rumours where not so wrong.

PS: After further inspection not all developer pages are yet updated, but I guess they will follow.

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iOS Developer Library — Pre-Release Apple Developer. Search. Search iOS Developer Library. PDF Companion File. Table of Contents. Jump To… Download Sample Code.

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Don't simulate real world objects in digital design

This is a great article  for designers and users - balanced and well thought out. What it doesn't cover is why Apple and other firms are going towards skeuomorphic designs - maybe because they try to make technology for the "rest of us" by emulating the things "the rest of us" used in the past. This way we hinder real innovation, because this is not re-thinking a solution. #apple #design #UI

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Why Siri is like skeuomorphic UIs: the magic is just skin deep By now you've probably heard of the widely reported case of Siri's alleged pro-life stance. Walking the dogs this morning, I thought through what I

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Forced advertising viewing in the iPad magazine Apps?

This is not a rumor, but an idea. With the launch of the iPad and the other e-book readers launched on the market there is a new opportunity for content creators and advertisers to force the reader to view advertising.

Advertising in printed magazine

We all learned that advertising in print magazine has to be eye catching because we have 2 seconds of eye contact on average. If you cannot catch the eye of the reader you have lost the opportunity to deliver the message. The reader has also learned (just like on websites) to recognize advertising and ignore them.

The e-book magazine

There are several ways to deliver a magazine on the new e-book readers and iPads. You can have a PDF, a e-pub version and the most common way will be an App. Since the App comes from the publisher they can force you to view advertising in various ways:

  • Embed the advertising in the layout Just like print magazines - not so effective
  • Show advertising every time you start read in the App Like most video advertising for video content on the internet
  • Interrupt your reading experience with commercial breaks Like on TV, every 20 Minutes you are interrupted and you have to watch an ad for a certain amount of time

This advertising possibilities are an revenue channel for the publishers and even when they will not start right away with them you will see them further down the road. I can immagine that it will go the same evolution as cable companies went through.

So what do you think, will the advertising have a bad impact on your reading experience?