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Simple Software Test Plans |

Need an easy tool to create a test plan for your website - Check out this tool.
You don't know what a test plan is? Easy - if you implemented a feature you want to see if it works for all (or most) users - this tool helps you guide testers through a list of things they need to do to test if it works for them and you can see the results.

Simple Software Test Plans |
Build really simple software test plans and share them with your team for easy QA testing. Totally free!

Open Sourced Logo Design - Example io

Open Sourced Logo Design - Example io.js

True to it's open source nature io.js is using the Github Issue tracker for design proposals. It's not too far from what I use every day, but seeing it out in the wild is cool.

It also surfaces the problems: the wildness and the luck of structure., Design is not just a collection of finished artifacts - it's an evolution. And while you can follow the comments and the new interpretations it's not as perfect as I would like.

logo ideas · Issue #37 · iojs/io.js · GitHub

Towards a more perfect link underline |

Interesting CSS Trick to simulate real Underlines - while we still should consider not using underlines at all, since they where just introduced to be used in case there is no bold font option.

Towards a more perfect link underline |
Towards a more perfect link underline. 28 Nov 2014. progress in underline text-decoration in Safari and iOS. I became interested in trying to create the ideal text underline in CSS after reading an excellent post about it on (and about) Medium. In that post, Marcin Wichary offers a list of goals ...

Fix Pen Pressure Problems in Photoshop CC for older Tablets

It looks like there has been a change in Photoshop that makes it not recognize pen pressure anymore. After trying out various tips and tricks I came around To make it short - you have to create a custom config file and restart Photoshop.

* Photoshop CC 2014 changes stylus use to use Microsoft system API's, with these API's you need to have Windows Ink enabled. These API's give better stroke results and improve the out of the box experience for users using Windows tablet/convertible devices. If you want to go back to the old WinTab implementation of previous versions do the following:

Create a file that contains instructions to revert to the WinTab functionality.

Create a text file in a text editor such as Notepad. Type in the following lines:

#Use WinTab UseSystemStylus 0

Save the file as a plain text file named PSUserConfig.txt, and save the file into the Photoshop settings folder: 

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Settings


Wacom Forum - Wacom Europe GmbH • View topic - Pen pressure not working in mouse mode with PhotoshopCC 2014 I've updated to Photoshop CC 2014 (Windows 8.1 Professional, x64) and found that pen pressure is not working. I use mouse mode - I switched to pen mode and it was working again, but I can't make it work in mouse mode. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, deleting the preferences... everything I ...

Cinemagraph Timelapse Mashup in Photoshop

Just realized today that I could "stabilize" a timelapse in Photoshop by adding a layer on top of the video groud and apply a layer mask.

How to make a timelapse in Photoshop is illustrated in a lot of articles online - but I have never seen this technique. It gives you some interesting creative options - like keeping the the foreground bright while the sky goes dark.

It gives the timelapse a cinemagraph look which is quite cool I think.


Tindddle – Tinder for Dribbble

Lovely idea - making Dribbble user friendlier by using a usage pattern from another app.I just wonder if the second aspect of Tinder is also considered.

Tindddle – Tinder for Dribbble Using the Dribbble API, you can discover new shots from players in the community to get inspired and enjoy browsing Dribbble in a Tinder-esque way.


The newest trend (probably not only) in Berlin is to show Bars, Burger joints and christmas markets on the publi transport map .... nice trend but be aware there might be some walking involved.

Landing page teardown: Serial podcast | by @mijustin

Some designers think that they are better story tellers than their clients - and mostly it's true. Most designers clients are not story tellers and don't know how to tell the story of their product or their brand. But people who tell stories for a living know what they are doing.

This teardown transforms a very clear messaging to a average plea for donations you can see on every non-profit on the net, on tv on the radio. We are inoculated against the whole "messaging centered around the consumer".

The messaging of serial is very clear and straight forward - no testimonial or cheesy pictures or background. If you are intrigued by the headline you read what motivated them - and then decide if it's worth your time and money. It's not about making listeners aware that there might be no more episodes - they know that because the same plea has been made in the show.

The designer would have known that and made other assumptions if he was a listener to the show. So please - the next time you redesign something into mediocrity - at least do better research.

Landing page teardown: Serial podcast
I haven't listened to the new Serial podcast yet. But I am interested in landing pages, and their current splash page caught my attention: The producers of Serial have made a classic copywriting mi...

Design Details: Android Lollipop Pt. 1 | Brian Lovin

Comprehensive notes and videos of Android 5.0 Lollipop interactions. While I see this interactions day in day out on my devices I like this collection in it's purity and simplicity.

Design Details: Android Lollipop Pt. 1 | Brian Lovin
The Design Details Podcast is coming! I'm excited to announce the Design Details Podcast is coming in early 2015! Each show will be a 30-60 minute conversation with design leaders in the community. Twenty-three guests have already accepted an invitation to chat, including Tim Van Damme (Dropbox) ...

Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLR camera

Interesting to read an article about a technique I already use. Although I mostly overexpose to avoid noise in the shadows.

Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLR camera | Nikon Rumors
Creative underexposure with a Nikon DSLR camera is written by Deci Gallen (Website | Facebook | Instagram): With the release of the D750, much has been made

This is a nice A/B test - for lingerie sales

Comprehensive article, some great insight.

This Lingerie Company A/B Tests The World's Hottest Women To See Who Makes You Click "Buy"
All lingerie companies hire hot women to flaunt their wares. Adore Me goes many steps furtherand the data is full of surprises.

Google Analytics is hard, here is some help

A nice list of Custom Reports for your Google Analytics. Find the best traffic sources for your website, find errors and more.

8 Custom Reports from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery - Analytics Blog
New analysts have it easy these days. Back in my day, we have to walk uphill in the snow both ways to get decent enough web reporting. My first blush with web analytics came upon me when I was a marketing coordinator for an advertising agency several years ago. I got the hand-me-down grunt work ...

How to tackle Material Design

Great short article, the most important thing in it is explaining what guidelines are and that guidelines are there to help you, not to force you.

#ftl #link #materialdesign #android

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Awesome post by Max Weiner of Pocket - I'm so excited to see how many developers are successfully adopting Material!

How to Not Freak Out About Material Design
A sane approach to making your app Material

The oral history of the new rising star of Emoji's - Poop

Read and laugh out loud - I love especially the reference to Dr. Slump, one of my favorite anime as a kid - have to revisit it.

The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America)
Everyone's favorite emoji began in Japan. But without Google, it may have stayed there.

Finally share your Keep Notes with others

I love Evernote, but not everyone does - it's big, you need an account for sharing notes etc. Google Keep is simpler and "leightweight" - or pre-installed if you are a Nexus user - so this is a no brainer for sharing simple Notes between me and my partner.

#ft #link

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Try to share your shopping list this holiday season. We hear that’s the way it’s done at the North Pole.


Crazy suburbs - as seen on Google Maps

I just come around to this with the chrome extension that shows interesting places on the new tab in Chrome. Really Really interesting - more than the classic cule de sac.

btw: the extension is called Earth view from Google Maps

Google Maps
Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

"Screaming into the Canyon of Our Lives: Amazon Echo Name Review"

If you need to name something sometimes, this is a good read.

Screaming into the Canyon of Our Lives: Amazon Echo Name Review |
When was the last time you had an argument about a factual topic? Like who coached the Bulls in 1997 or why the sky is blue? The gradual advance of the Internet into every arena of our lives has made these conversations, and the knowledge itself, obsolete. But what about when your 8-year-old son ...

Visual Studio and .NET Go Cross-Platform | Visual studio content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

This is in my opinion huge ... especially making Visual Studio free for small teams and supporting iOS and Android Development (although only Javascript/HTML at the moment). This will give .net Developers a chance to reach out to new audiences and create applications for multiple platforms.

I think that this will expand the variety of apps and it will be great for small/medium firms you have legacy software developed in .net and couldn't afford to start over from scratch. With this move they can port their software to Linux and Mac and maybe also extend into mobile apps.

Visual Studio and .NET Go Cross-Platform | Visual studio content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
In a major expansion of its open source efforts, Microsoft announced today that will open up Visual Studio and .NET to developers on all major platforms. It starts with the open-sourcing of the core .NET server stack, a new free and full-featured Visual Studio edition, and preview versions of ...