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Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS | Smashing Magazine

SVG is the new * at least it seems that finally SVG gets the attention it deserves, and this extensive article gives a great overview over how to create them, optimize them, style them etc. Read it, Bookmark it and read it again when needed.

Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS | Smashing Magazine
Sara Soueidan explains how to export and optimize SVGs, how each one affects the styles and animations applied, and introduces techniques for embedding them.

Bookmarklets in the design world — Designing Medium — Medium

Very interesting approach on using bookmarklets to try design changes on life systems without affecting the deployed server. Sounds complicated? The article is well written and helps you decide if this is something that can help bring you faster to your goal.

Bookmarklets in the design world
Why we sometimes use bookmarklets on the design team at Medium

uiGIFs - User interface patterns in the form of animated GIFs

Interesting approach for a design pattern library - not only screenshots, but animated gifs actually showing the interaction.

uiGIFs - User interface patterns in the form of animated GIFs
Animated UI inspiration in your inbox every Monday. Give me GIFs. play. Sift Rentals ・ 14. play. tapkast ・ 11. play. Twitter Audio Card ・ 4. play. Rooms ・ 14. play. Pq ・ 14. play. Bring! ・ 14. play. PhotoMath ・ 12. play. AnyDo 2.0 ・ 15. play. Flipboard 3.0 ・ 11. play. Skype Qik ・ 20 ...

The Evolution of the Title Bar Buttons | Placeit Blog

I love history - and computer inteface history is even better. This great blog post about the icons we use to manage windows in operating systems is full of animated gifs and guide you through the evolution of the Title Bar Buttons.

The Evolution of the Title Bar Buttons - Placeit Blog
We wanted to discover the complete evolution of the title bar buttons. So we set out on a journey through GUI's to pinpoint exactly how they started.

Ex-Googler Builds A Github For Designers | Co.Design | business + design

Good writeup about this new service. Looks promising and I will share my upcomming free projects here. Already got some ideas. So follow me at

Ex-Googler Builds A Github For Designers
Pixelapse is built on a simple, radical premise: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Share: The Icon No One Agrees On - BOLD by Pixelapse

Maybe one of the most complete collection of thoughts around the sharing icon variety. And a nice discussion in the comments - what is not that common.

Share: The Icon No One Agrees On
And why iOS 7's icon is nicknamed the "uploader" - What do each of these symbols have in common? They are all trying to convey the exact same action - share! Sharing to a social network or via email is a ubiquitous action nowadays but designers have still not been able to reach a consensus on what symbol to use to represent it. Not only does each major platform use a different icon, but they've each witnessed changes over the years.I have spent ...

Extend your website with usefull sharing

Sharing Buttons seem so 2006 but we still add them on websites - for the eventuality of virality. There are some scenarios where you what to share content - mostly content bits. On AndroidPit we added sharing to App Questions, because those are relatively small content bits which people want to share.

Another strategy is the one the Guardian uses - offer sharing when you select text. Great idea, but you need for sure some on-boarding to make this feature discoverable.

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Originally shared by +Wolfgang Blau

by the way: select any word or sentence on the new Guardian site and you can tweet or email it right away.
see at
Thx to Richard Nguyen and +Cantlin Ashrowan


Material Design Implementation Clarification

There is still some discrepancies between the Guidelines, Checklists and the actual Google Apps, but these slideshow helps close a couple of gaps - especially in the typography realm.

Check it out.

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Originally shared by +Chris Banes

Papercraft: Material design + Implementation

Here are the slides to the talk +Nick Butcher and I just gave at +droidcon London.


In Album Papercraft: Material design + Implementation

Google Analytics integration Demo Site

Want to build a dashboard for all your Websites running Google Analytics? Want to embed some stat in a online report for your CEO - I think here you can find the right examples.

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Originally shared by +Google Analytics

Discover the Google Analytics Platform

We've just launched a brand new site to showcase many of our most popular Google Analytics demo and tools. The entire site is open sourced, uses public APIs, and is available on GitHub. Check it out and let us know what you think at:


Generate Android Assets with new Photoshop CC Extract Tool

The newest Photoshop CC 2014 update brings a new tool for Android and iOS Developers to extract the assets you need in the various screen resolutions. Since Adobe is always leaning towards iOS/Apple than Android the preset settings are geared toward iOS. Here is the quick 6 step workflow to make it work for Android.

  1. Create your Assets for the highest resolution (xxhdpi right now) and rename all the layers to the filenames you want to give. Make sure that all you layers are vector based or converted to smart-objects extracte_assets_step1
  2. Resize your document to mdpi = 33% (if you start resolution was xxhdpi) extracte_assets_step2
  3. Then, choose File > Extract Assets (or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Option + Shift + W (Mac) | Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W (Win). Go into Settings and set the resolutions like this extracte_assets_step3 extracte_assets_step3b
  4. Extract the assets by clicking extract extracte_assets_step4
  5. Go into the folder with the assets and create a drawable-mdpi folder
  6. Move the mdpi assets in the root of the folder to the drawable-mdpi folder extracte_assets_step5

Coldplay does it right - live concert, without video, but live social stream

Great move from Coldplay - stream their concert live. You might say, that's not news, but they do a couple of things right.

First, they use a dedicated site they own, instead of one of the big companies. So I imagine, that the site will be still there when you read this post.

Second, they have a social stream and photos to give you beyond the music a way to experience it. In my opinion in a better way than even video would do.

Cleaned up Google+ Photos interface

Just noticed today that Google has cleaned up the photos section of Google+. No more confusion between Highlights and a Photo Stream. The show more images button has changed and the now everywhere present "card" background appear only on hover. The interface of the single album view has also been optimized. Now there are simple buttons for switching between Highlights and "all Photos" - this has been quite hidden before - and the properties are easier to access. If you click on the name for example a modal window shows up.

It shows that some of the sleeker design decisions have not been accepted well it seems. A reminder to us UX Designer to continue to improve and test our designs.

DNG files now supported by Google+ Photos - but not results may vary A couple of weeks ago we've heard...

A couple of weeks ago we've heard that raw conversion for a couple of cameras has been updated and I wanted to see if DNG files are supported. They are, but the results may vary.

Here are the results from uploading the DNG and a straight out of camera JPEG of one picture.

If you turn off auto-enhance you might like the JPEG more - it has more color in it and it doesn't look as neutral. But after enabling auto-enhance you get to see that the DNG conversion has more structure and better details in the shadows, they JPEG looks muddy.

This different results may not be as visible on daylight photos - I have to make more tests.

I would love to see that they would apply the auto-enhance on the raw file before converting it - so updates to the engine would be reflected in your pics, but the tool is not for raw shooters.

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