Do you use a sketchbook? — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Do you use a sketchbook?

In these digital days using a sketchbook seems oldfashioned, but it is just the opposite. Most believe that doing "things" with the computer speeds up the process, but this is only true to repetitive tasks and if you have to deal with alot of data. Taking notes about ideas, sketching layouts, writing down if you have seen something inspiring or intresting is much faster done with a classic sketchbook. Many times you see something when you are not at your computer and to be honest, writing notes on a phone is not pleasant. I personaly like the sketchbook Moleskine Sketchbook Large, mostly because they build to last and don't fall apart after two weeks. But you can use wathever you like. I find it useful to have all my notes in one place and when I go on with the projects I transfer them to my PC, where I use Evernote (a really handy tool, especially if you work on more than one computers).

The transfer also helps my give the notes a structure and is the first step in the creative process.

I will show you in one of the next post some scans of my sketchbooks and point to some other important aspects related to analogue sketching against digital sketching.