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Cool Android Automation through Javascript with on{ex}

Microsoft launched a new automation Android App with it's web counterpart. Think of it as a IFTTT, Locale or Tasker on Steroids. But this app is not only interesting for the single person. It can also be used to prototype custom app development. Imagine you want to add some automatism to your app, but you are not sure if it works - just try it out before you code it in your app with this tool.

Generlly speaking I love to automate tasks, not only on the web, but also on my phone. Actually, Locale was the first App I bought because I wanted to automate the settings on my phone - let's be honest, the greatest thing on Android is that you have access to so many settings, but who wants to change them manually.

While most automation tools are made to be easy, on{ex} is made for programmers - or at least people who are not afraid of touching code. It unleashes the power of Javascript and Devices APIs and let's you program simple and complex scripts based on the sensors of the device.

This opens up possibilities that are far beyond what for example Locale can do. Two examples: Detect that you are walking, running or driving and the possibility to launch an app.

Without plugins and additional apps you can create in just a couple of lines a "rule" to automatically reply with a text message to an incoming call while you are driving.

So go ahead and build your own custom automatization scripts and make your life easier.

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