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11 Alternative Fonts to Zapfino

Are you bored to use always the same classic fonts? Helvetica, Garamond and Gill are awesome fonts, but don't help your graphic design project to be unique. There are thousands of alternatives fonts available, but which ones are right for your project. This little guide will help you choose an alternative starting from the classic fonts. You wanted to use Helvetica? Why not try FF Fago. This is the first of a 12 part series featuring Zapfino, the classic script font.


from Linotype (www.linotype.com)

The links next to the fonts are linked to the example pages of the foundry.

Top Alternatives


Burgues Script (www.veer.com)

Runners up

  • Victoria Samuels Italic (www.myfonts.com)
  • corinthia11.jpg
  • Corinthia (www.p22.com)
  • reiner_script11.jpg
  • Reiner Script (www.fontbureau.com)
  • hamada11.jpg
  • Zaner (www.p22.com)
  • bickham11.jpg
  • Bickham Script Pro (www.veer.com)
  • zanzibar11.jpg
  • Zanzibar (www.fountain.nu)
  • icongnita11.jpg
  • Incognita (www.fountain.nu)
  • olicana11.jpg
  • Olicana (www.type.co.uk)