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Google Presentations up their game

Designers might want to add layout templates for Google Presentations to the brand standards they deliver to their clients. I find myself helping clients move to Google Apps for their Email and basic Office needs - the only part missing until now was a valid Powerpoint alternative.

I will have to try the new functions and see if it has offline capabilities ... that would be killer - especially for client presentations with a tablet.

Does anyone else have alternatives to Google Presentations?

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Official Google Blog: A fresh start for Google presentations A fresh start for Google presentations. 10/18/2011 08:00:00 AM. A year and a half ago, we released completely new document, spreadsheet and drawing editors. Google Docs has been picking up speed ever ...

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Relaunch of my portfolio site – part 1: Own portfolio site vs. online portfolio site

There are beautiful portfolio sites out there in the web and I wanted to redo my portfolio site - but I had a few thoughts

Tuning in with the copywriter

Graphic design is teamwork and therefore a good collaboration with your copywriter is the key to success. Working together with a copywriter on the other hand is sometimes harder. Here a few tips on how to get in sync with the copywriter.

Bring Zen to your presentations

Presenting the ideas you develop to a big audience in most cases is a pain. Most of the time the layouts you make (unless they are screen-designs) don't feel right, you cannot go through the pages of a folder for example. Therefore is even more important that you engage your audience. Same thing for powerpoint presentation you get to pimp. The most of time are just plain awfull. The following book gives you in an easy and understandable language the basics on how to structure presentations, not just powerpoint. It's caled "PresentationZen" by Garr Reynolds and a foreword from Guy Kawasaki. Don't get fooled by the title - it's nothing esoteric. It helps you bring your audience to go out of the presentation wanting for more. It also helps you to guide the authors of the powerpoints, if you are just the one who overhauls them, to get you better material to work beforehand. [asa]0321525655[/asa]

I use this approach with quite some success, by getting into the process of structuring a presentation right when the authors has his material togheter. This is even before they make their manuscript. Try it - it's just a few bucks investet in the right place.