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Budget Travel Backup Solution for Photographers


I love photography and I'm paranoid about losing my photos. At home I have several backups (offline and online), but when I traveled I had to hope that the SD Cards wouldn't lose any data. That's why I use some inexpensive components and combine them with some software.

The hardware

This is my budget travel backup solution for photographers.

You can get all these for around $200 for 1TB of redundant security, or less if you get a good deal. Which is what other solutions on the market start without any storage.

The FileHub is neat device as it is also a small powerbank - you can strt a short backup session without the need of a plug.

The software

The script is based on another solution, but I had to clean it up a bit and change it for my use. I also added a setup guide and some additional notes on how to use it. It's fairly easy to install and use, so don't be afraid 😉

You can download the photo backup script over at GitHub

When cool technology becomes a really useful product - Google Photoscan

I'm interested in photography, cool technology and great products my whole life. This are great things separately - but are really awesome if you combine them.

For example I have collected a lot of pictures which are not digital and I still haven't gotten around to digitise - because it's expensive and or cumbersome - and I worry about them.

I also follow the latest technology trends in imaging and already a couple of years ago I saw a presentation by Google and a University which has shown that they can eliminate glare and other disturbing artefacts in a photo.

Very nice, but how to use this technology to create a really great product? Well combine them with a need like digitising old photos and you get something awesome.

The video explains all the details much better - so check it out and download the app - it's available for iOS and Android and it's called PHOTOSCAN by Google

Autoawesome is awesome - even if you are a good photographer

Speyer Dom A great dome and a great autoawesome - I'm still amazed about the new features and makes me really think to rework my workflow. Obviously not all of the images look perfect, but many are and especially if you are an amateur photographer you will get even better results.

I've seen that random snapshots are improved, but the photos taken with a bit more care really shine. It seems that Google is looking for rules of thirds etc. to select and improve the photos - so still keep an eye on good composition etc.

About the church. Don't get confused by some reviews on Google and elsewhere - its strength is the size - get lost in the vast space and take a bit of time to adsorb the little details. It might look simple but there are enough ornaments hidden.

Content aware photo retouching on your Android device

Are you already caught in the Instagram craze? Do you want to edit your photos before enhancing them with Instagram? Why not use one of the proposed Apps by Instagram themselves. The most interesting one is the content aware retouching App called TouchRetouch. Give it a try.

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Photo Tips: Android Photography Applications We’ve researched applications available for Android that can help you enhance and improve your photographs. Here are a few apps for simple and quick image editing to get you started! Photo Editing For...

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6500 Plus Ones in a couple of hours - welcome Instagram for Android

The Gorilla has landed and all social media outlets will be dominated by Instagram for the next few hours, days, weeks. Instagram shows that you can have instant success in Google Play if you have already a brand, and even if there are enough similar apps.

It also shows that you can get thousands of prositive reviews even if you don't optimize the experience for Android - or do we see some market manipulation here?

What i need now is a way to filter my Google+, Twitter and RSS feed to avoid to see hundreds of the same posts. Any suggestions?

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Instagram Instagram – A beautiful way to share your world. It's fast, free and fun! 

 Instagram – A beautiful way to share your world. It's fast, free and fun!

Pick from ...

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First HDR Photowalk

Yesterday was a great day for heading down to Kitsilano Beach and False Creek and try out if I can make some nice shots for a HDR experiment. I quite like the result, but I'm new to HDR and some other shots (I didn't upload them) didn't come out as expected.

Comments are welcome and suggestions also :)

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Google Plus for Apps, Stunning Visualization and advanced Photo Editing

Nice Update for Google Plus of requested features (Google Apps Integration) and some other goodies. The Photo Editing has been seen a great improvement to before and has all the tools for basic photo retouching - so now you can pimp you smartphone pictures. But even nicer in my opinion is the Google Plus Ripples feature. How often have we looked at visualizations of Twitter and Facebook shares. Most of the times you couldn't really have the same tool for your own posts as none of the tools had access to all the users. The new tool from Google is build into the social network and therefore has full access.

When comparing it to the statistics you get from Facebook you can clearly see the different approach of this social network. While Facebook claims to be people centric, the stats are mostly advertising driven. Since Advertising is not yet possible in Google Plus, the statistics are more people centric. I'm really interested to see how this will evolve in the future.

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Official Google Blog: Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and... Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and... 10/27/2011 10:07:00 AM. We think Google+ should get better every time you use it. It's not enough to obsess over community feedback...

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Do Camera Phones finally take photos that match the memory

Every time I change phone I hope I can forget about my point&shoot. I hoped it in 2005 when I've got the Sony Ericcson K750i (K is for Kamera = Camera) - and later with the first Nexus One. The improvements where there, but slow and I couldn't really see why the evolution was so slow and the quality so bad even compared to a $50 Point&Shoot from the electronic gadget store around the corner. My main problem is that the shots don't live up to the memories. If we take the pictures to keep on the memories, I want them to be on par with my memories - or even better. I want them to be the aid to remember more vividly how beautiful, fun or dull that moment was. I don't want them to distort my memory or change it.

Within the latest releases of smartphones I've seen (at least from the publicized shots) that the technology is going to be there - soon. This video is an example of the images you can shoot with the latest Google Galaxy Nexus Phone (with some technical help to make it more engaging). It really looks promising, just like the Samsung Galaxy SII and the new iPhone 4s. Maybe this time we can really forget about our Point and Shoots.

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Rockaway Beach, by Galaxy Nexus #android #galaxynexus #timelapse

This is a slightly longer version of the video showed during the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 launch event.

You can also watch the video on YouTube: Rockaway Beach by Galaxy Nexus

The video was shot on Rockaway Beach, near Pacifica, California. The final video is a compilation of video and time-lapse clips shot with a Galaxy Nexus phone. Everything was shot in 1080p and the final video was edited in Adobe After Effects CS5. The only processing done on the original footage was to speed it up in the first clip.

The video clips were shot without the help of a tripod and shake a little bit. The time-lapse clips were shot using a Stage Zero Dolly from Dynamic Perception ( If you haven't seen them before, check out the photos of the rig I used by opening the album linked below.

This video was my very first try at shooting video (including time-lapses) with a phone. It is also not what I had planned on doing when I went to Rockaway Beach that night! My Canon 5D Mk II remained untouched as soon as I got the idea of using the Galaxy Nexus. This first experiment was very interesting and I already have many ideas of other videos and time-lapses I would like to shoot with this phone.

You can watch the video in full 1080p resolution and I highly recommend you do so on... a Galaxy Nexus! The gorgeous 720p screen at 315 dpi is amazing.


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Retouching to cut photo shooting costs?

As an art director one of your jobs is to ensure that the quality of the final product lives up to the standard you set. To ensure this quality you have to look at all aspects. We already discussed the copywriting part, now let's look at the photography.