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Space visualization inspires and can educate

I remember browsing through the library of my parents and since my dad is an engineer we had not only books about the "achievements of technology" but also books about space flight and the mission to the moon. The graphical language of this books and the illustrations have build my visual taste. I find it personally important to expose children and youngsters to a variety of visual languages and with the right guidance to art. While I despise most of the art circle the works of the masters can touch and inspire everyone.

The illustrations featured here from NASA are maybe not masterpieces but they are good examples of how you can make dull facts interesting while not dumbing down the message or falsifying it. This way they can inspire graphic designers to create better visualizations and readers to get excited about spaceflight.

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You may find these Space Missions Infographics interesting to view. I combined them into this collection set. Some of the images are very wide so I split them in two images for improved aspect dimension. The larger photos are located at the end of the album. Most of the images are found at the NASA website. Don't forget to visit the +NASA Google+ page. Oh yea, one more mention +Ron Garan is a NASA Astronaut.

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