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Design Details: Android Lollipop Pt. 1 | Brian Lovin

Comprehensive notes and videos of Android 5.0 Lollipop interactions. While I see this interactions day in day out on my devices I like this collection in it's purity and simplicity.

Design Details: Android Lollipop Pt. 1 | Brian Lovin
The Design Details Podcast is coming! I'm excited to announce the Design Details Podcast is coming in early 2015! Each show will be a 30-60 minute conversation with design leaders in the community. Twenty-three guests have already accepted an invitation to chat, including Tim Van Damme (Dropbox) ...

How to tackle Material Design

Great short article, the most important thing in it is explaining what guidelines are and that guidelines are there to help you, not to force you.

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Awesome post by Max Weiner of Pocket - I'm so excited to see how many developers are successfully adopting Material!

How to Not Freak Out About Material Design
A sane approach to making your app Material

Material Design Implementation Clarification

There is still some discrepancies between the Guidelines, Checklists and the actual Google Apps, but these slideshow helps close a couple of gaps - especially in the typography realm.

Check it out.

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Papercraft: Material design + Implementation

Here are the slides to the talk +Nick Butcher and I just gave at +droidcon London.


In Album Papercraft: Material design + Implementation