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A great lesson in adding value - not just features

A great lesson in adding value - not just featuresI'm a almost fanatic Evernote user. Since I decided that all my notes are going into one place - and one place only - I actually find stuff.Apart from that I can only highly recommend a companion app from Evernote - Evernote Food.I'm a foodie and I love talking about my meals with friends and my partner. With this I can also show them the meals. I can take pictures, add a place and go back later to get inspired or just to remember things like: Where did we go to eat on our last anniversary.The new Version adds even more layers like recipe exploration and the automated recipe collection from your Evernote Account. Exactly - you don't have to go through your library and tag the old notes - they find out for you. What a great function. Isn't that great - and by the way - you don't have to go Premium to use this companion apps like other services do.So go ahead and start collecting great food. #app   #evernote   #functionality Link: http://blog.evernote.com/2013/04/29/evernote-food-2-0-for-android-is-here/