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New content for the redesigned website

Beyond showing off some of my work I always tried to share insights and my perspective on new developments in the design and web technology space. Not only to empower designers to communicate better with developers, but also for developers and businesses to help them understand the creative process. With the newly redesigned website I go one step further by adding 2 new categories where I will post specific content aimed at businesses and developers. Main goal for businesses is to help them understand where the web is going and what technologies and trends they should pay attention to. For Developers the main topics will revolve around new tools that will help them deliver the crazy ideas designers come up with.

Since these articles are geared towards my clients and not so much towards designers I will share them on the Google+ Page dedicated to Frankie as a business, not my personal one. So circle this page if you haven't yet, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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Now you can read my ramblings even on your Kindle

I like to try out all publishing channels, in part for my work to advice clients, and in part to spread my thoughts :) I tried out the process offered by Amazon to publish Blogs on a Kindle and I'm proud to announce that I'm present on the Kindle now available in the US Kindle Store.

So if your have an US Kindle Account why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

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