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Beyond the big four in Google Music - Self publishing Music tracks

As usual the small details count and the self publishing aspect for independent artists is a big deal. If you are not part of the publishing associations you are cut out of airplay revenue etc, but you also give up most of your rights to publish the music yourself - it's not only the media companies hurting artists. This could be really a great tool to start a "lean" music startup and actually get money for your songs without intermediary. I'm curious to see if it triggers my appetite for music again, which was pretty low.

Will Google+ be the better social plattform for music, as it has become for photographers - had the promise but didn't deliver it the long run.

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Rock the House. Google Music Sharing on Google+ Has Arrived #GoogleMusic #GooglePlusUpdate #Android

As you may have just heard, Google Music is now open for business (starting in the United States), and will be rolling out to the Android Market for all Android Phones on Froyo (Android 2.2) and above. You can upload as many as 20,000 songs from your personal music collection, and purchase new tracks from the Music store on the Android Market.

But music is more fun when shared with friends. You can share any purchased track with Google+, and your friends can get a full song preview. You can also share 30-second previews of songs you haven't yet purchased. So bring on the noise.

Find out more on the Official Google Blog: and the Android Market:

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