Sideeffects of making Blackmagic Fusion VFX free — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Sideeffects of making Blackmagic Fusion VFX free

The newly free Blackmagic Fusion will not only give Adobe some hard times - also established VFX Artist will be faced with a lot more competition in the future.

Making this professional software free for everyone will make it a defacto standard on which most new VFX Artists will train on. Sure you could pirate the software before for training - but then you had to choose between After Effects, Fusion and others. Now you will just try out first Fusion.

This will bring down salaries for VFX artists I imagine and push them to become even better, since just knowing a tool everyone can afford to learn isn't a distinguishing factor anymore.

BTW: A quick tip if you are wondering why Blackmagic Fusion 7.5 can't import/export MP4s - you need to have installed Apple's free Quicktime Player (might seem obvious, but on my freshly installed machine it wasn't)

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