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Now you can read my ramblings even on your Kindle

I like to try out all publishing channels, in part for my work to advice clients, and in part to spread my thoughts :) I tried out the process offered by Amazon to publish Blogs on a Kindle and I'm proud to announce that I'm present on the Kindle now available in the US Kindle Store.

So if your have an US Kindle Account why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Help me Translate my How Much Euro App

I would like to make my free Sales Tax aware currency convertet "How much Euro?" available in more languages. So please help me make this possible. I'm looking for translations of the in App copy and the description used in the AppStore and Google Play. If you speak Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish please spare 10 minutes and contribute.

I use the free service as I wanted to test it out and it looks promising. They also provide integration with Github, but I have to test that out a little further.

Thank you in advance.

How much Euro? My first App ... and the excitement is back

It's done, my first Android App has been submitted to the Android Marketplace. I must admit that I'm proud of myself - it's the first time in years, that I have breached into a new "medium". By that I mean, that I feel the rush to have published something in a way I have never done before, much like the first time I uploaded a website to a server back in 1996, or when my first "Hello World!" was printed on the screen with my C64.

I also felt the same when I saw the first leaflet I designed lying on a counter in a bar - this "I did that, it's my creation and others use it actually".

That someone "uses" something I created is probably the most important part and the most exciting. In all my work, may it be design or development I always try to make something useful (I'm not against beauty, but a chair on which you cannot sit is pointless to me).

An App (native or on the web) is therefore the perfect medium for a "digital product designer" - someone who lives on the bridge between design and development. It contains not only design elements, but usability, development challenges and real world interaction (sometimes). People do not just "visit", they "use" the application.

This excitement will probably fade over time, but I try to keep this excitement alive by learning new stuff all the time. It is the excitement that keeps me searching for new challenges.

How about you, are you still exited about your work? How do you keep the passion for it going?

PS: Here is the link to Google Play

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Read my thoughts/tricks/... in Google Currents Edition

I had to try this out immediately. The Currents App from Google might not be the perfect Flipboard killer, but with the associated Google Edition Producer you can pimp your content to play nicely with it. I tried a couple of the "convert your blog to an app" tools, and they didn't work for me. I haven't customized it completely, but sure will digg more into it and present my findings here ... and in my Google Currents Edition.

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Moving and viewing

I can now officially say that I'm moving to Canada. My first stop will be Vancouver. Everybody who I talk to tells me that it is the most beautiful city in the world - let's see. I think from what I've seen it will not be a disappointment. The plain leaves on 22th of November and from then on I will be ready take on jobs. So if you need an experienced art director/graphic designer let me know. In the meantime I will update the portfolio section with many more examples - I noticed going through my archives that I want to show much more.

And one of the things I want to share as well are my photographs. I'm in no way a professional photographer, but I like capturing the moment and since I also love to retouch photos why not shoot the Raw-Material myself. I share my photography on Flickr and I have integrated the Flickr Slideshow as a background to this site in the section Photography and this page as well. And as a final note - this page also exists in the mobile version of this site - neat.