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Website Domain Name Management Best Practices for Businesses

Why a business should have website domain name management and a introduction in what is best practice and makes sense for businesses. Having a website is not the same as having control over the domain name.

10 Reasons a business should use Google Adwords - explained the right way

10 Reasons a business should use Google Adwords - explained the right wayEven though it seems that every small business is using Google Adwords it's very likely still that your business is not. There might be many reasons why that is so, but this article gives a great run through the reasons why business of all sizes should use Adwords.

It's one of the few articles that gives more than just a quick useless rundown of reasons and it's worth reading.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords Every gain comes along with a certain payment; it can be hard work, intelligence, power, or investment. The phrase applies completely to Google AdWords, as it is a tool Google offers users to gain tra...

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New content for the redesigned website

Beyond showing off some of my work I always tried to share insights and my perspective on new developments in the design and web technology space. Not only to empower designers to communicate better with developers, but also for developers and businesses to help them understand the creative process. With the newly redesigned website I go one step further by adding 2 new categories where I will post specific content aimed at businesses and developers. Main goal for businesses is to help them understand where the web is going and what technologies and trends they should pay attention to. For Developers the main topics will revolve around new tools that will help them deliver the crazy ideas designers come up with.

Since these articles are geared towards my clients and not so much towards designers I will share them on the Google+ Page dedicated to Frankie as a business, not my personal one. So circle this page if you haven't yet, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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