Youtube - my new home for video podcasts — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Youtube - my new home for video podcasts

I might be the last one to the party, but the fairly recent changes in the Youtube UI made it my home for many video podcasts. While I listen to most of my podcasts, some of them are video podcasts to start with and therefore are better suited to be watched (at least in part) than just listened to. What I like about the new Youtube interface is that is has put my subscriptions in the foreground and has elevated the Watch later Playlist (which I still use) with the "What to Watch" Page where I can see selected content from my subscriptions. The addition of "topics" you can subscribe to is also very handy to discover new channels.

Add this to the ability to watch them through a Chromecast / PS3 / XBox etc on a big screen and you get a great "platform" for enjoying video content about topics you care.

PS: As offline capabilities  are rumored for the Android App, I guess it will become even better.