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Use Huffduffer directly in Google Reader and on your Android Phone

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook you may have noticed that I like to hear a lot of podcasts related to design. I discover many of them through Huffduffer - a service who enables you to channel your audio findings around the web into one feed you can subscribe to. I use it the other way round. I use Huffduffer to share the Audiopicks I find worthwhile for my followers and the design community. To do this I feed the my Huffduffer RSS feed into Hootsuite to post it on Twitter and Facebook (more about that later). The mayor challange for me though was how can I use the service when I'm not at my Laptop or if I want to share a podcast right from my Google Reader. Here are my solutions:

Huffduff It in Google Reader

Google Reader recently added a ‘Send To’ dropdown that lets you share items on various services.Here is a way to you can add Read It Later manually yourself:

  1. Open the send to settings page in Google Reader:
  2. Click the ‘Create Custom Link’ button near the bottom
  3. Enter the following in the fields Name: Huffduff it URL:[title]=${title}&page=${url}&bookmark[description]=Orignal%20source%20${source} Icon Url:

After reloading Google Reader your done. At the end of a post you will find now Huffduff it in the Send to section.

Huffduff it for Android Devices

Android has the neat feature of giving you the ability to "share" items from one application or website to another service. Combine a podcatcher with the capability to use this share feature and an integrated subscription sync with Google Reader and you have a great tool for sharing audio content - my weapon of choice is Beyondpod.Unfortunately Huffduffer has no native application to share with so we have to use another app to share to Huffduffer. The best solution is the free app Bookmarklet.This App gives you the ability to enter custom services. in the following images you can see how to create a custom service for Huffduffer. Basically you enter

  • Huffduff It
  • Huffduffer
  • bookmark[title]
  • page

Enjoy and huffduff a lot.

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Awesome! I was just beating my head against my android phone with this dilemma... Thanks!

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This is great! I need to add a page on Huffduffer somewhere pointing to handy resources like this.

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That would be great... and why not publish on the API page all the URL parameters.

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