Trick Feedburner Feed Addresses — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Trick Feedburner Feed Addresses

There is much talking about the Facebook usernames but none about the Feedburner feed dresses. You could get nice feed dresses in Feedburner right from the start and you might think there is nothing new to know about them. You're right, nothing new but some time ago I found some trick to get the feed address you like even when it's already taken.

There is a undocumented feature when you choose your Feedburner feed address - the address supports the forward dash "/". This means, that you can have a Feedburner Feed with this address and the best part about this URL is, that the feed address was already taken by someone else.

You can use this feature to make your feeds (say for your category or comment feeds) or to get nice looking feed URLs relevant to your business and to reinforce your brand.

BTW: I always suggest that if you are using Feedburner you should also use the MyBrand feature which let's you use your domain name instead of It's wise to let your visitors subscribe to the RSS Feed with your domain in the URL because if for some reason in the feature you want to drop Feedburner or Feedburner closes down you will not lose your subscribers.