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Translation Software used to be expensive, not anymore

Many firms operate internationally and need translations not just for their documents, but also for their apps, websites, documentation etc. New tools from Google and other small firms help small business for their basic translation needs. The trickiest part of translations are industry specific translations that a firm want to keep consistent. This is where Translation Memories come into place.

This software keeps track of the translations and automates the translation of recurring text paragraphs and words. Useful and expensive (talk about 100.000s of Dollars).

Not all firms want or can spend this kind of money. The tools from Google and services like can help here. They are not super easy to use and lack sometimes some functionality (Google for example doesn't support sharing the document through an URL, or updating a current file), but they are a great tool anyways because they have built in translation memories.

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Google Translator Toolkit now supports more formats.

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Localize your apps and content more easily – new formats in Translator Toolkit - Google Developers Blog

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