The infamous country selector - and how to fix it — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

The infamous country selector - and how to fix it

User experience is not only about design - colour, positioning and layout are important, but sometimes functionality trumps everything. The country selector is an example where the functionality has been for the most part neglected. The article presented on Smashing Magazine analyzes the good and bad examples and tries to find a solution that embraces the best approaches into one country selector that works. They also published the result as a jQuery Plugin you can use for free. The open source character of this plugin made it also easy to give feedback and they updated it already to an even better solution.

Now just read the article and implement this nice solution in your next form.

#ux #design #forms #opensource #jQuery

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Redesigning The Country Selector - Smashing UX Design The country selector. It’s there when you create an account for a new Web service, check out of an e-commerce store or sign up for a conference. The normal design? A drop-down list with all of the ava...

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