Simple way to control your Status Update Connections — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Simple way to control your Status Update Connections

Do you know about the cross posting problem? ... you signed up to all the social networks and services and enabled posting to Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and the other services. Neat. Did you remember that you connected facebook to twitter as well? Probably not, and the result is double postings and posting loops. How to avoid this cross posting getting out of hand? Simple draw a chart. You might wonder how many services you actually linked to other services and where the problem might be.

I do my chart in Illustrator - but you can obviously use any charting software you want - aviary or the drawing tool in google docs works well for that. Just keep it updated. In the image above you see my chart. You see it's quite complicate because I have my personal and my professional accounts listed.

BTW: You can also see if your "communication" strategy fits your goals and if you can centralize your efforts.