Facebook Pages instead of a Website? — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Facebook Pages instead of a Website?

Facebook has with its over 500 million Users a nice potential readership if you (or your client) plan to start a blog or website. To publish a Facebook page you just need a few clicks and the tools offered (for the one who likes to learn FBML - the Facebook Markup Language) are not too bad - especially the feature that people who "like" your page get automatically updates is compelling. The design is given by Facebook and if you (or your client)  just want to get the "message" to your readers you might don't care as much. But wait, here are a few aspects to consider before you put your effort into a Facebook page:

  • Facebook can disable pages at will - its their platform
  • The content is not yours once posted on Facebook - they can use it as well and at will
  • You cannot export the contents in a convenient manner (you are locked in)
  • Your can never turn your page into a business
  • Facebook shows advertising on your page
  • You are tied to facebook - bad reputation can backlash on you
  • Facebook is seen as a private space (lol) and not as a serious place

These are a few aspects - there are for sure many more. But there are good arguments for having a Facebook page as a promotional tool for your website. You can boost the number of visitors to your site through Facebook pages. Here are some resources I've found helpful and inspirational.

Foto by Ray-Franco Bouly