7 Alternatives to Thesis — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

7 Alternatives to Thesis


Next up in the series of font alternatives for popular fonts is Thesis - or better known as TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix, TheSans Mono. I've found 7 interesting alternatives - from huge and expensive to very big and resonable priced.Thesis is maybe one of the most used font systems in the world. Most non graphic designers don't recognize it, but be assured it is used a lot. I'm speaking about a font system because the variety Thesis offers is almost uncompared. I like to use it especially in corporate design for corporations with many different departments as I can use different speciments for different resorts.

But if you are sick of using Thesis I have here quite a few alternatives for you.

Top Alternatives

Runners up

  • Leitura (www.dstype.com)
  • absara1.jpg
  • Absara (www.fontshop.de)
  • generis1.jpg
  • Generis (www.linotype.com)
  • nexus1.jpg
  • United (find it at www.houseind.com)