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My Week on Twitter for 2010-04-11

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Happy easter to everyone and a note: Facebook Fanpage posts last longer than you think. It seems many Users just look at their FB on holiday #
  • SmK (german): Entwicklungsland in Sachen Arbeitssicherheit http://cli.gs/4HQPy #
  • What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing | Design Informer http://ow.ly/1vahD #
  • Burg Hocheppan im Frühling http://bit.ly/9Cy7e3 #
  • fn_28032010_blumen_041_web.jpg http://bit.ly/bVLFgd #
  • fn_07042010_burgenweg_eppan_186_web.jpg http://bit.ly/cs3QhZ #
  • Finally setup my Home office the right way - now working is even more fun :) #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-04-04

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-28

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-21

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-14

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • SmK (german): Hundemode … Modehund … http://cli.gs/ArUhm #
  • SmK (german): Das Ende einer Industrieruine … die Dritte …! http://cli.gs/3EqrT #
  • I repeat myself shape writer for #android rules :) #
  • 3 neue Beiträge gibt es in Blog in der letzten Woche jetzt rein http://www.spaghetti-mit-knoedel.com #
  • Another Promotion Code: @Corbis offers 20% discount on #stock images - use code MARCH20 until the end of March #folla #coupon #
  • Todays Coupon is from @GettyImages - 10% off on images and filmes if you use the code 34WPC46N #
  • Easy licensing of Flickr Pictures? Go to GettyImages http://bit.ly/9mGa9Z - at least 50.000 pics are available #stock #design #
  • My comment about finding followers on Twitip http://bit.ly/cLXoIj #
  • Right from the archives ;-) You want to make your own Wallpaper for the Nexus One (or for the Motorola Droid) follo… http://bit.ly/a40WLA #
  • Introducing PlayStation Move http://bit.ly/clVHcn - Is Sony too late with this? Let's see pricing... I have a PS3, no more Wii-Needs #
  • RT @espiekermann: Christoph Niemann is a genius: http://ow.ly/1gYqE #
  • Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers http://ow.ly/1h0eS - can't believe I missed this one until now #colour #inspiration #
  • You know that the spring has arrived when you have eaten your first asparagus - welcome to the spring :-) #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-07

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Migrated all my podcasts from Mediamonkey to Google Listen - nearly perfect #
  • Watch Air Traffic - LIVE! http://bit.ly/9y7ArC - really cool, but slow #
  • I like Trendwatching: "6 TREND VIDEOS, featuring consumers speaking their minds on various trends." http://bit.ly/bgPn2y #interviews #
  • Congratulations to @Electrolux AEG - Brand new washing machine installed - turned on - Electronics burned - This is what I call quality :( #
  • I ask myself if Google has selled enough #NexusOne to make the car docks availlable #
  • Hormonella Primaverilis - very dangerous ;-) in springtime #
  • Tonight some classical music will be my pleasure - http://bit.ly/djkXhw #
  • As I needed to build a Google Profile with a right vanity url I've made a new account which I use also to test buzz… http://bit.ly/9gUtnC #
  • Tweeting with shapewriter keyboard for android is cool #
  • The Footprint of Gmail: How Much Energy Would Deleting Email Save? - TreeHugger - Like so many others, this TreeHug… http://bit.ly/9UYxZR #
  • Good morning - yesterdays concert made me make believe that not all classical music is boring - some sounds like Timbaland unplugged #
  • For all Google-Fans: Watch Google's Matt Cutts LIVE Event Today: 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET http://LIVE.WebProNews.com #
  • Amazing creative video from ok Go http://bit.ly/brPqj1 and the making of http://bit.ly/a6gPz7 #
  • I'm flattered: My trainee just have given me a box of Merci (choccolate) for the training in the last 2 weeks #
  • SmK (german): Club Sandwich … http://cli.gs/Je455 #
  • SmK (german): … oder ein zweites Leben ….!? http://cli.gs/DpmVD #
  • SmK (german): Das Ende einer Industrieruine http://cli.gs/5ZbEp #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-02-28

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • German court states: Taking pictures of houses does not infringe the copyright of the owner - german story here http://bit.ly/bs4X3K #
  • In case you missed it last week: Industrial espionage through crowd sourcing - http://bit.ly/dw8KMH | Become an Art Director #
  • SmK (german): Spezialistenproblem http://cli.gs/b83U3 #
  • Haiti Earthquake: Who’s given what? | Information Is Beautiful http://bit.ly/dCLGyM (via @meixger) #
  • RT @richbugger 35 most amazing typography in advertisement and design http://bit.ly/7Xhva0 #
  • Dock your raw harddisks - cool way for your large data collections http://bit.ly/biNQil #
  • Good sunday to all tweeps - another day of home improvement is beginning - feels like redesigning your own website #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-02-21

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Go green even with your website - CO2 neutral websites http://bit.ly/aBfCRJ #climate #change #
  • BTW: Good Morning and good start into the week dear tweeps, facebookers and other social media addicts ;-) #
  • About focus groups: "If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." - Henry Ford #
  • What I hate? Co-Worker who have found a spiritual way to come along with their problems and now try to "help" you... #
  • The This Week in Android is a #fail people who don't own an android phone talk about android apps - c'mon guys #
  • Stream your photos from your #android phone to your dlna client (#ps3) and tv set - search for twonky mediaserver #
  • Want to stream music from your home server to you #android phone? Search for Andromote in the market #upnp #dlna #
  • Skype launches Full Symbian Client and #android will come soon - Olè #
  • Whatch out - if you embed more than 10 @issuu docs on a page ie7 has probs to load page - example http://bit.ly/b8UL3D #
  • Whatch "alternative" movies online - The Auteurs http://bit.ly/9ZREQd - finally ... :) with great Facebook integration #
  • Impressed by @rememberthemilk - great features, clients and services - task list on steroids #
  • RT @TechCrunch Google Goggles Getting OCR Translations http://is.gd/8wlOd #
  • RT @Colorburned: 10+ blogs that have a unique design for each post and WordPress tips on how to implement it:http://bit.ly/a4iH3i #
  • Italian Customers of corbis (@corbisimages) get a 20% discount in February - use offer code FEBRUARY20 #stock #images #coupon #
  • Just discovered - Typekit http://bit.ly/dnwtAU real #font come to the flash free web - have to try this #

My Week on Twitter for 2009-03-15

  • I did it - the new design of my german blog is online with #thesiswp http://cli.gs/Uyt2LG #
  • Now that some of the work is done - let's get some nice cooking going #
  • SmK (german): Der Frühling macht alles neu http://cli.gs/VzHg2R #
  • Hello to anyone and I hope you have a good start in this week as I do #
  • Reading: "Return on Design" (http://twitthis.com/xzeayo) #
  • Seems intresting - Audit about #Taxonomy and #SEO http://cli.gs/nqavSW #
  • New Blogpost: Can photoshop retouching save photo shooting costs? http://cli.gs/d4LeZY #
  • Ready for the first cuba gang meeting after a year - ressurecting the gang :) #
  • New Blogpost: Can photoshop retouching save photo shooting costs? http://cli.gs/d4LeZY #
  • InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » How to apply kerning as a character style http://cli.gs/qhGJ9W #
  • Der neueste Post auf Spaghetti mit Knödel wird wellen schlagen - Ich weiß es... http://cli.gs/8PWnaD #Südtirol #Siegesdenkmal #Bozen #
  • SmK (german): Das Siegesdenkmal gehört uns http://cli.gs/m32seb #
  • RT @iamkhayyam: Create RSS feeds OPML files with FeedShow http://ow.ly/QcJ - neat little tool #
  • RT @imjustcreative: Blanka || Workbook 03 - detail 3 *if you like scribble books, this is neato (http://ping.fm/dW71A) - really neat #
  • Skipping lunch to finish the photo shooting early - I was wise to bring some fruit with me #
  • Up up and away - a brain storm is comming #
  • #followfriday @imjustcreative @designmeme @sparklinks @jdevalk @kristarella (for thesis needs) #
  • RT @jackstow: Google Easter egg: 'the answer to life the universe and everything' Googled - http://tinyurl.com/apgjsg Who knows the source? #
  • Imagine a meeting room smelling like being at the dentist - difficult staying focused #
  • I'm still amazed that a 19 year old can claim to be a CEO - http://cli.gs/zUqaSG #
  • Micro-Preview on a new project http://fcukcrisis.com/ #fight #financial #crisis #
  • RT @carterharkins: RT @designmeme 75+ Excellent Free Fonts For Professional Design http://tr.im/hkYy #fonts jackpot! - Great List #
  • Thanx to all who #followfriday 'd me - I'm off and out - BTW: Mum, I think I shrinked the internet - cause who networks gets closer ;-) #
  • New Layout of Facebook Homepage is not nice but works well - and yes there is as usual people who complain #

My Week on Twitter for 2009-03-08

  • Slow sunday - no motivation for pimping my personal sites - so let's get started with the ps3 #
  • Monday regular work is over - now writing a new lesson for my "become an art director" blog #
  • New on Become an Art Director: What Digital Asset Management is for you? #DAM http://cli.gs/UGXQ2s #
  • Finally getting to some point on my redesign of my german blog #
  • RT @parkhere: "Creative people don’t have a choice...learn everything there is about digital or become a dinosaur" // http://bit.ly/6KTLd #
  • RT @mayhemstudios: 10 Tips for Moving from Part-Time to Full-Time Freelancing http://tr.im/4z44 #
  • This is italy - Start a print mag about typography and do combine bad lettering and pdf's with missing fonts http://cli.gs/zpz9hj LOL #
  • It's march or november? Looking out of the window I can't tell :( #
  • BAck from office and right into some more design #
  • Great Design Portfolio - lol - #portfolio http://cli.gs/uRndUD #
  • Netdiver - great inspirational site - http://cli.gs/mMMs2Q #
  • After getting mad at CSS and not working widgets I go to the gym to work the f*** off - have a nice evening #
  • Had a nice Ricotta/Goat cheese Pizza - Yummy weekend #
  • Nine Inch Nails (mfb) in the new trailer for Terminator 4 - NIN seems cool for trailers :-) http://cli.gs/ngvGTM #

My Week on Twitter for 2009-03-02

My Week on Twitter for 2009-02-22

  • Reading: "Five tips for better online surveys" (http://twitthis.com/bl7bjp) #
  • New Lesson from Become an Art Director: Where is all the money gone http://tinyurl.com/ava6jw #
  • It's 3 am - I'm sick and can get no sleep - what a beautiful Tuesday ;-) #
  • RT @cheth: RT: @markshaw How To Opt-Out Of Receiving Automated Welcome DMs: http://bit.ly/5PIzZ - Virus and Antidote from the same maker :) #
  • Back at work - still sick - and has to remind himself that trusting a print shop is good, controlling a print shop is better #
  • Throat hurts and eyes are squares, time for some rest, bye #
  • Gerade ein Interview fertig mit "Südtiroler Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft" für ihr Jahrbuch ... Thema "Internetwahlkampf" #
  • Great List of Corporate Design Style Guides http://cli.gs/e4U3Yy #CD #
  • Starting into the "Fashing" - if you see people in funny customes don't worry, it will last until tuesday #fashing #