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BC Place and Science World light show

BC Place and Science World are both attractions that show off at night. Vancouver in general is quite beautiful at night as it has the combination of waterways and a dense skyline. To showcase this I'm experimenting with HDR - it's almost annoying trend nowadays and it makes most pictures look surreal. I try to capture the impression that I have and transport that through this tool. #vancouver   #hdrphotography

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An HDR view of Vancouver from the Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout might not look like it's very tall, but it offers a good overview of downtown Vancouver. On clear days you can see down to the US. I wanted to take some night shots to experiment with HDR and here are the results. Let me know what you think.

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Canada Place and North Vancouver

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First HDR Photowalk

Yesterday was a great day for heading down to Kitsilano Beach and False Creek and try out if I can make some nice shots for a HDR experiment. I quite like the result, but I'm new to HDR and some other shots (I didn't upload them) didn't come out as expected.

Comments are welcome and suggestions also :)

#vancouver #photowalk #hdr

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