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Coldplay does it right - live concert, without video, but live social stream

Great move from Coldplay - stream their concert live. You might say, that's not news, but they do a couple of things right.

First, they use a dedicated site they own, instead of one of the big companies. So I imagine, that the site will be still there when you read this post.

Second, they have a social stream and photos to give you beyond the music a way to experience it. In my opinion in a better way than even video would do.

I cracked the Pinterest code

Why is Pinterest so addictive for so many people? Because it's the first social sharing platform (it's not a full social network) that allows you to follow just specific "boards" of a user. How many times do we unfollow people on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ just because they overshare one aspect of their life, while we are interested in another. Or how many times have you restrained yourself in posting a cool recipe to your followers just because you feared that you alienate dilute your message.

On Pinterest I can select what boards (call them streams on any other social network) to follow and if the user sticks to what he advertised I can be sure to not see postings I don't care about.

It's the first time that I can do this without hacking around and asking my followers in what circle they want to be, etc...

Pinterest might be at the moment filled with "frugal" furniture, fashion and photography, but I will create some more themed boards and will start sharing my findings also on Pinterest - and this time you can select what topics you are interested in.

Let me know in the comments or by contacting me what boards I should setup - this has also the benefit that I can see what topics are most likely interesting to you guys and give you more of those :)

And last but not least, here is my Pinterest Account

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