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Now you can read my ramblings even on your Kindle

I like to try out all publishing channels, in part for my work to advice clients, and in part to spread my thoughts :) I tried out the process offered by Amazon to publish Blogs on a Kindle and I'm proud to announce that I'm present on the Kindle now available in the US Kindle Store.

So if your have an US Kindle Account why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Google Currents available outside of USA - finally

We all hoped that Currents is the Flipboard for Android, and it wasn't, but more importantly it wasn't available internationally and lacking content. Maybe with the increased user base it will get better, and if you are interested in reading what I share on Currents just follow this link:

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Google Currents goes international - Official Google Mobile Blog News, features and tips from the Google Mobile team

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