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Open Sourced Logo Design - Example io

Open Sourced Logo Design - Example io.js

True to it's open source nature io.js is using the Github Issue tracker for design proposals. It's not too far from what I use every day, but seeing it out in the wild is cool.

It also surfaces the problems: the wildness and the luck of structure., Design is not just a collection of finished artifacts - it's an evolution. And while you can follow the comments and the new interpretations it's not as perfect as I would like.

logo ideas · Issue #37 · iojs/io.js · GitHub

Designing the Modern Atlas

Great Article and poor comments - people ask for features when it's about a design process. Reshared post from +Google Maps

Ever wondered about the design process for Google Maps? Step behind the scenes and learn how two members of our user interface team, +Willem Van Lancker and +Jonah Jones, design the modern atlas.

Google+: View post on Google+

Shortcut to brand identity / personality through a questionnaire

20 easy questions to get a brand personality. Easy way to get the persona/identity of a brand. Use the results to check your graphic desing work and impress you clients.