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Youtube - my new home for video podcasts

I might be the last one to the party, but the fairly recent changes in the Youtube UI made it my home for many video podcasts. While I listen to most of my podcasts, some of them are video podcasts to start with and therefore are better suited to be watched (at least in part) than just listened to. What I like about the new Youtube interface is that is has put my subscriptions in the foreground and has elevated the Watch later Playlist (which I still use) with the "What to Watch" Page where I can see selected content from my subscriptions. The addition of "topics" you can subscribe to is also very handy to discover new channels.

Add this to the ability to watch them through a Chromecast / PS3 / XBox etc on a big screen and you get a great "platform" for enjoying video content about topics you care.

PS: As offline capabilities  are rumored for the Android App, I guess it will become even better.

Why do startups Succeed of Fail

Great insight to the Startup Genome Project - which tries to discover what makes a startup successful. With all the startup hype going on it's really interesting to see the light a data driven approach can bring into this complex topic. While many startups struggle to even get their first customers, it seems that scaling to fast is the neck breaker...

Enjoy this interview brought to you through Dormroom Tycoon Podcast.

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Max Marmer: Startup Genome Project – Reasons why Startups Succeed or Fail – Business Interview In this interview, Max Marmer founder of Startup Genome Project gives reasons why some startups succeed whilst others fail.

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DesignPodcast of the week

No time for reading about Design? Want to get an insight what designers/developers/artists think about their work directly from their voice? Why not listen to some design podcasts. I often feel that written interviews are edited versions of the voice of designers - interpretations of the designers thought by writers and editors. In podcast interviews I can not only hear the voice but also get an idea about the character and the importance of a subject to a designer - it's a real conversation after all. I will share weekly a podcast who inspires me to do better work and/or think differently about my work.

First off a very popular one - Design Matters with Debbie Millman Design Matters with Debbie Millman is a thought-provoking internet podcast, which profiles industry-leading graphic designers, change agents, artists, writers and educators.

Although very popular I just found out about this great interview series - take you time to listen also to the archive. Here are the links - Enjoy: - http://observermedia.designobserver.com/show_designmatters.html - http://observermedia.designobserver.com/show_designmattersarchive.html - Podcast Subscription URL: http://designobserver.com/show.designmatters2009-10.xml

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Design Matters Archive: Observer Media: Design Observer

09.23.11. Jessica Hische In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische discusses her attachment to the internet, the differences between being a letterer and a type designer and workin...

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Using Podcasts to learn while working

I use podcasts to learn while I work. I listen to design talks, keynotes, interviews and news from science, culture and some entertainment. Especially during the tasks every designer can do without thinking (photo retouching, filling in content, corrections) are the ideal activities to up your game by staying in touch with the latest developments. Even though graphic and web design are visual media, the most important part in my opinion about design is not visual - the mindset and the different approaches behind design solutions. In the old days it was really difficult to get the inside view of designers because not many had the opportunity to publish books or discuss their point of view in a magazine. Design Blogs fill this space a little bit but mostly podcasts can give you the opportunity to hear what designers think in their own words.

For a selection of interesting Podcasts about design subscribe my Huffduffer Channel - available as RSS or Subscribe in iTunes

To give you a further starting point for the design podcasts I listen I publish here my Subscription list from Google Reader (if you want you can even subscribe to it) - this list will update itself automatically.

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