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Pluto Italics for just $49 - and how MyFonts could improve their User Experience [updated]

The world on typography is on fire - new fresh and great fonts are released every day. Just like the new Pluto Italics. Even better when you can get the fonts at a bargain price - say $49 for 16 fonts. And yes it is worth paying, because it's full featured Opentype with alternatives etc.

The only thing I disliked is the buying process - because the website states on the cart that the font package costs $299 - even though it shows you the right price once you click on the button. I head to try it out because on first sight even though the slider image tells me it's $49 the button does not - confusing.


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Pluto Italics™ - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts Type designer Hannes von Döhren has created Pluto, a sweet type family consisting of 16 Uprights and 16 Italics; 32 fonts in all. The fonts are informal and friendly at first sight and lend themselves...

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[update]Myfonts has corrected the issue and the price is now shown correctly. Good for you.[/update]