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Award winning internal branding campaign

Award winning internal branding campaign

Award winning inhouse awareness campaign. Pannini style collectible stickers of employees and company core values which had to be collected into an album, helped bridge the gap between warehouse and office departments. Employees had to exchange stickers to complete the album and where rewarded with a valuable gift.

How to show silence


How to show the advantages of a doorstep insulation? How to make the customer understand how much a reduction of -54 dB is?


Easy - take real world noises and reduce them in the Soundeditor by 54 dB. It was realized for the Tecnogramma Audio Podcast and reused with a slideshow on the website. Here the video for your enjoyment.

Corporate Publishing dissected: Tecnogramma

I’m art directing the corporate magazine Tecnogramma since Nr. 1 and I wanted to give a completer overview. Corporate publishing is more than just some corporate news together and see for yourself why.