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Preview 150,000 Fonts directly in Indesign

A new plugin from allows you to try out fonts directly in Indesign before buying them. This could be a great tool for all Designers who do Identities, as they might want to "feel" and "see" if a font suits the design and the client. My first question is if it allows to create PDFs or to print out Pages to present them to the client - if not they are missing an opportunity, but it is still a great tool and we might not need to use the online previews anymore.

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FontGazer – Plug-in for Creative Suite Preview the entire inventory of over 150,000 fonts in your Adobe InDesign document with the free FontGazer plug-in.

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Indesign still not ready for right-to-left languages - yes and no

In this "globalized" world I find it remarkable that inDesign still today has problems with languages who require right to left writing. Even better is, that it actually can layout text for these languages, but it's not exposed. I found this Script which helps you if you need to access this functionality.

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Embedded Link :: Right-to-left, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi ... in InDesign CS4 (none-ME)

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