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All Webstandards in one place

A couple of big players in the web space finally put their head together and collected all the web standards on one website. Easier to read than the w3c website (which is also part) and I hope that this will help to lower the prefix jungle.#webstandards   #html5   #css

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video preview Opening the Web Platform We are an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who d...

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Google brings handwriting to the mobile web search

I used the Google Gesture App a little bit and liked it, but I found it tedious to go into an app to do the searching. Google know has brought this feature to the mobile web on their search page. Way cool. #google   #search   #html5   #mobile

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New tool from Adobe called Shadow helps Web and App Developer alike

If you are using tools like Phonegap/Cordova to create apps, you might need to check out this new application from Adobe called Shadow. Ars Technica has a nice write up on the desktop/mobile app tandem and I have tested it.  It works pretty well - and to be honest it is a little bit spooky.

Here is the direct link to the download:

#adobe #html5 #testing #mobile #phonegap

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Adobe Shadow aims to ease mobile Web development headaches with simultaneous browsing Adobe has prereleased Shadow, a new tool that allows developers to control multiple smartphones and tablets from their PCs, so they can test their sites across a wide range of mobile devices with ease...

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A comprehensive overview on HTML5 Video, and if you should use it

Everybody talks about video on websites and if you create websites you are sitting on the fence all the time asking yourself if you should already go with HTML5 Video or not. This overview can help you make the decision - and the guys know what they are talking about - they are the maker of the very popular JW Player.

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The State Of HTML5 Video

HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With both the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant ...

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Truly amazing, and unlike other tech demos I can already see great applications

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Lights: An amazing display of WebGL power. Kiss your Flash goodbye If you've ever read about WebGL and wondered what it could do, Lights will be a great example for you. In short, WebGL is a way to display 3D graphics in the browser, without the need ...

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