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Using linked SmartObjects in combination with Layercomps in Photoshop CC | Veerle's blog 3.0

Nice overview on the technique - it also shows a rather complex example. I moved away from designing in Photoshop, but hey to everyone it's tool of choice.

Using linked SmartObjects in combination with Layercomps in Photoshop CC | Veerle's blog 3.0
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A handy portable Instagram Filters Cheatsheet

I stumbled across these guide to Instagram Filters and while I liked it very much it lacked 2 things - a couple of filters and it's not handy while you take photos on the road. So I fired up my Indesign and made up a free quick cheatsheet to keep with you all the time. Just print it out at 100%, cut and fold it - it's credit card size. Available both as jpeg and pdf for your convenience.


Instagram Filters Cheatsheet - JPEG VERSION

Instagram Filters Cheatsheet - JPEG Click here to download [/one_half][one_half_last]

Instagram Filters Cheatsheet - PDF VERSION

Instagram Filters Cheatsheet - PDF Click here to download [/one_half_last]

Some typographic basics - not just for the web designer

Typography is not only about what font to use, or how it "looks" - it's about making a text easier to read. The rules presented in this great article will help you to make every text more accessible and better looking. In fact, this basic rules work so good, because type designers taylor their fonts to work best when this rules are applied. So go ahead and refresh your memories for a more readable future ;)

BTW: If you are writing or editing text in another language than english, the rules are quite different - so be warned.

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Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette - Smashing Magazine | Smashing Magazine An understanding of typographic etiquette separates the master designers from the novices. A well-trained designer can tell within moments of viewing a design whether its creator knows how to work wit...

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How to avoid the "Lock in Effect" in Wordpress Themes and Plugins

How to avoid the "Lock in Effect" in Wordpress Themes and PluginsWordpress is a great open source platform ... but open might turn into closed by using certain plugins and themes that prevent you from moving on ... here is a good guide on what to look out for.

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Google+: View post on Google+About the “Lock in Effect” in WordPress Themes and Plugins The WordPress themes and plugins market is huge these days. With all that wide range of products available, we sometimes stumble into situations where we’d like to change our mind, i.e. use a different plugin or theme instead of the one we’re currently using. Eventually we figure out that it’s incredibly tough to replace some of the themes and plugins, because as soon as they’re deactivated, all (or part) of our data is lost, and the new theme or plugin that was supposed to replace the old on...

A guide to Evolution vs Revolution in Website-Redesign

How to decide if you need a complete new design or just some improvement? Here some questions to ask yourself and if you answer the majority with yes you need a complete overhaul.