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Cleaned up Google+ Photos interface

Just noticed today that Google has cleaned up the photos section of Google+. No more confusion between Highlights and a Photo Stream. The show more images button has changed and the now everywhere present "card" background appear only on hover. The interface of the single album view has also been optimized. Now there are simple buttons for switching between Highlights and "all Photos" - this has been quite hidden before - and the properties are easier to access. If you click on the name for example a modal window shows up.

It shows that some of the sleeker design decisions have not been accepted well it seems. A reminder to us UX Designer to continue to improve and test our designs.

DNG files now supported by Google+ Photos - but not results may vary A couple of weeks ago we've heard...

A couple of weeks ago we've heard that raw conversion for a couple of cameras has been updated and I wanted to see if DNG files are supported. They are, but the results may vary.

Here are the results from uploading the DNG and a straight out of camera JPEG of one picture.

If you turn off auto-enhance you might like the JPEG more - it has more color in it and it doesn't look as neutral. But after enabling auto-enhance you get to see that the DNG conversion has more structure and better details in the shadows, they JPEG looks muddy.

This different results may not be as visible on daylight photos - I have to make more tests.

I would love to see that they would apply the auto-enhance on the raw file before converting it - so updates to the engine would be reflected in your pics, but the tool is not for raw shooters.

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Autoawesome is awesome - even if you are a good photographer

Speyer Dom A great dome and a great autoawesome - I'm still amazed about the new features and makes me really think to rework my workflow. Obviously not all of the images look perfect, but many are and especially if you are an amateur photographer you will get even better results.

I've seen that random snapshots are improved, but the photos taken with a bit more care really shine. It seems that Google is looking for rules of thirds etc. to select and improve the photos - so still keep an eye on good composition etc.

About the church. Don't get confused by some reviews on Google and elsewhere - its strength is the size - get lost in the vast space and take a bit of time to adsorb the little details. It might look simple but there are enough ornaments hidden.

What Android Versions are visiting your Website?

As Google Analytics doesn't show you Android Browser Versions as OS Versions (at least not the older ones) you might want to use this little helpful chart.

Brrr - these font might just be the coolness you are looking for

Fonts always have an implied use case ... as designers we should honor that and use fonts that help the messge of our design. So, use this font to add some coolness.

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Add linked Google+ Page of a website directly through Google+ Notifications

Google thinks that Google+ will be the new way to follow updates from websites ... which it isn't since there is no easy way to push your content to a Google+ Page. Anyway - if a user has installed the Google+ Notification Chrome extension he will have the posibility to add the Google+ Page of a linked website directly while visiting. It's sounds complicated but should actually make it easier for users.

I enabled it but couldn't yet see any difference ... but maybe this will solve some of the "subscription issues" that many blogs have since the demise of RSS.

Google+ launches new design - I like it

I'm curious to see if there will be the same outcry on google+ with the new design as you always hear on Facebook - but I like it. It is still clean but they have added a more App - Feeling. It seems that you can do more with Google+ now. The Toolbar on the lift is customizable and filtering your feed is also more intuitive.

I wonder if the page still consumes all the available memory of you computer if you leave it on in the background - will test that - but cudos in general to Google to improve quickly.

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Link your website to your brand new Google+ Page

Easy as usual and now that just a couple of hours after the announcement everyone can create pages you might also link your website to this page. The icon used for the badge is actually not the black Google+ Icon we are used to now, but a red one - black for people and red for pages?

Now this is more than just a badge to put on your homepage next to Facebook and Twitter, but the tool also provides a link to put in your HTML Header to identify the website as a publisher and link it to that page.

I assume this will be used for display in search results on Google like it is done now for selected authors. I also am curious to see if there will be conflicts between author tags and publisher tags ... maybe both will be shown.

But the opportunity to het immediate followers on search results is great and makes sense.

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Link your Google+ page to your site - Google+ Platform — Google Developers Google+ Platform. Overview; Plugins. +1 Button. Configuration Tool. Badge. Configuration Tool. Hangouts. Writing Apps; Running Apps; API Reference; Release Notes. API. People. get; search; listByActiv...

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Google Plus for Apps, Stunning Visualization and advanced Photo Editing

Nice Update for Google Plus of requested features (Google Apps Integration) and some other goodies. The Photo Editing has been seen a great improvement to before and has all the tools for basic photo retouching - so now you can pimp you smartphone pictures. But even nicer in my opinion is the Google Plus Ripples feature. How often have we looked at visualizations of Twitter and Facebook shares. Most of the times you couldn't really have the same tool for your own posts as none of the tools had access to all the users. The new tool from Google is build into the social network and therefore has full access.

When comparing it to the statistics you get from Facebook you can clearly see the different approach of this social network. While Facebook claims to be people centric, the stats are mostly advertising driven. Since Advertising is not yet possible in Google Plus, the statistics are more people centric. I'm really interested to see how this will evolve in the future.

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Official Google Blog: Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and... Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and... 10/27/2011 10:07:00 AM. We think Google+ should get better every time you use it. It's not enough to obsess over community feedback...

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Google+ soon with Google Apps

This is definitely great news and I wonder if this will also coincide with the launch of Brand Pages - as many Google Apps Accounts are actually small to medium businesses. #google #apps #GooglePlus #integration

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Yup, Google Apps Support. Finally.

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Google+ To Support Google Apps in Next Few Days Google has announced that Google+ will support Google Apps accounts within the next few days.

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How to Add Google Plus sharing to Google Reader

I would love to see the Send To button also in the mobile version of the website and the app ... Reshared post from +Seyhun Akyürek

How To Share Google Reader Stories to Google Plus. You can share content with any circles. Cool tip. #google+

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How To Share Google Reader Stories to Google Plus Those of us who are still playing with Google Plus are eagerly awaiting its further integration into other Google services (in ways other than the red box in the top right corner). The updates are com...

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