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Edding850 by Büro Destruct - Interesting font and interesting way to get it

Edding850 by Büro Destruct - Interesting font and interesting way to get itTo get this bold display font you need to write something on a virtual wall - and just like the real Edding (or sharpy as you might call it in north america) it cannot be deleted.

More Information on the project here:

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An edding can write anywhere I just wrote this on For every post on the collaborative text document, you’ll get something in return: the edding850 typeface.

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Photoshop CS6 Preview ready for download

Try it out now, stop everything and download the preview edition of Photoshop CS6 ... and while you wait that the download completes look at the videos by Russel Brown and Juleanne Kost.

Web Designers holler - Photoshop CS6 gets Paragraph & Character Styles ... Now let's see if we can import them from other applications. Also the content aware move is great and useful, the other features presented by are meh ... but let's play with them to see how useful they are in real life. #photoshop #cs6 #download #beta

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John Nack on Adobe : Come download Photoshop CS6! Blazingly fast performance and a modern UI — Experience unprecedented performance with the Mercury Graphics Engine, which gives you near-instant results when you edit with key tools such as Liquify, P...

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Let's get Ultrabold, with Bemio a new font from the Lost-Type CoOp

Bemio is an ultrabold sans with an extensive character set. It bridges the gap between old signage and craftsmanship with modern forms and simplicity. With more than 1000 glyphs, and full Language Support, Bemio is versatile and robust.

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Amazing professional After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Ori importing/exporting tools...

Amazing professional After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Ori importing/exporting tools now freeSince Automatic Duck and Adobe has teamed up they are no longer developing their import filters, but at least you can get them now for free :D

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Automatic Duck, Inc.

As many of you know I used to be a professional Avid editor, often working between Media Composer and After Effects before the cool kids were doing it. By 1999 I had grown tired of the tedious timelin...

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Download Nikon D3000 18-55 and 55-200 Kit-Lens Profiles for free

The Nikon D3000 is a entry level DSLR and the kit-lenses you get with it are not the best lenses in the world - but with the new lens correction introduced in Photoshop CS5, Camera Raw 6.1 and in the forthcomming Lightroom 3 will help you get better pictures even if you are just entering in the semi-pro digital photography.

Since Adobe and no other user has yet supplied Lens Profiles for this "cheap" lenses I've made them on a rainy sunday. So just download them and put them in the according folders to enjoy them.

The zip files includes the profiles for the NIKON D3000 with Nikkor 18.0-55.0 mm f3.5-5.6, and the NIKON D3000 with the Nikkor 55.0-200.0 mm f4.0-5.6 lenses.


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To install them place them in one of the following folders.

a. For Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings(User Name)Application DataAdobeCameraRawLensProfiles1.0 C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAdobeCameraRawLensProfiles1.0

b. For Windows Vista or Windows 7: C:Users(User Name)AppDataRoamingAdobeCameraRawLensProfiles1.0 C:ProgramDataAdobeCameraRawLensProfiles1.0

c. For Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/LensProfiles/1.0