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Twitter doesn't want to become the Identity Service of the Internet

Twitter is closing down it's API. After cutting links with LinkedIn now they cut the cord on Instagram. This will happen more often. It's a shame, because Twitter was on it's way to became the identity service for the internet. Deep integrations from Apple and numerous online services brought Twitter to the attention of the millions, but know it looks like that they want to become just another content service. Ask Yahoo and Myspace how well that went.

I can see how the ambitions can drive you to become more than just the infrastructure - but there lies also the trap.

It's no secret that the value of any social network (yes you can argue that Twitter is not a social network) lies in the users and their content, and if the social network itself tries to become the content player, then it starts to be confusing.

I think that Twitter will go down the path of Yahoo/Aol/[insert media conglomerate without vision here] if they continue this route, not just strategy wise, but also business wise.

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Enterprises and Businesses will love the Metro-Interface ... in Windows 9

While I think that businesses are going to skip Windows 8, I don't think that Metro will be going away. I would even say that the desktop will be gone completely in Windows 9 and that businesses will love it.

10 Reasons a business should use Google Adwords - explained the right way

10 Reasons a business should use Google Adwords - explained the right wayEven though it seems that every small business is using Google Adwords it's very likely still that your business is not. There might be many reasons why that is so, but this article gives a great run through the reasons why business of all sizes should use Adwords.

It's one of the few articles that gives more than just a quick useless rundown of reasons and it's worth reading.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords Every gain comes along with a certain payment; it can be hard work, intelligence, power, or investment. The phrase applies completely to Google AdWords, as it is a tool Google offers users to gain tra...

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Buy your competitors and shut them down - old ways of doing business in the web ...

To all you who call the web a hotbed for innovation - the business practices are just the same as in the old school offline world. Facebook for example has become big enough to swallow all upcoming and already established competitors. After acquiring Friendfeed, now Instagram. Both tried to be more than just blogging / photo sharing services - they are social networks. So what's next - Path? Reddit? Who cares.

The important thing is that we are in full transition from the early days of social networks to a mature market. Services will be launched just to be appealing to the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and this strategy will fail, making the big 3 just bigger.

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Breaking: Facebook's Buying Instagram for a Billion Dollars Mark Zuckerburg just announced that Facebook has agreed to buy mega-popular photo sharing service Instagram for $1 billion. Facebook's been on a buying spree of late, and has been beefing up its own a...

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Google+ Pages - finally Brands can have their Google+ presence

You might think that this is just Facebook envy, but this move makes sense. At least (in contrary to Facebook) here businesses know that they have to create a page and not a profile - since you have the real name policy. The real strong point is the direct integration with Google Search, so in future if you use the + Operator (which was deprecated last week) with a name you get direct access to that Google+ Page.

These pages, as I already said, make sense as an additional tool for companies but should not be seen as a replacement to a website. We have to see how well integrated with the other services and how the use differs from Facebook Pages.

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Official Google Blog: Google+ Pages: with all the things you care about Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about. 11/07/2011 10:01:00 AM. In life we connect with all kinds of people, places and things. There's friends and family, of course, but there&...

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Generalist vs. Specialist

Who would you like to be, a Swiss army knife or a forged Japanese kitchen knife? Both have great "skill" sets and have been on the market a long time. In graphic design we have the same problem. Should a graphic designer become a generalist or a specialist? And as an agency who should hire?

Attention is a currency

Translating being rich of attention into real money is part of the game. An actor for example is not only paid for his achievements in the art of acting. His salary is strictly related to his popularity and therefore the attention he drives to a movie or theater. How does this affect bloggers?