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When cool technology becomes a really useful product - Google Photoscan

I'm interested in photography, cool technology and great products my whole life. This are great things separately - but are really awesome if you combine them.

For example I have collected a lot of pictures which are not digital and I still haven't gotten around to digitise - because it's expensive and or cumbersome - and I worry about them.

I also follow the latest technology trends in imaging and already a couple of years ago I saw a presentation by Google and a University which has shown that they can eliminate glare and other disturbing artefacts in a photo.

Very nice, but how to use this technology to create a really great product? Well combine them with a need like digitising old photos and you get something awesome.

The video explains all the details much better - so check it out and download the app - it's available for iOS and Android and it's called PHOTOSCAN by Google