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Website for British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC)

The Client

BCIC encourages the development and application of advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of industry in BC. They requested a redesign of their website as their focus has shifted. Together with Latitude and BCIC we analyzed the needs of BCIC and developed a concept which brought the web presence up to date. BCIC wanted to have a bold, fresh and appealing web presence for their target audiences.

The Brief

BCIC has it's main mission in funding programs of partners which help entrepreneurs to succeed. To promote the awareness of this programs BCIC uses not only the website, but also social media, blogs and video. The new website should be therefore tightly integrated with social media. Another problem of the old website was the difficulty to browse all the content because it was so vast.

The Solution

The website is structured in a very flat fashion. We organized the content in 3 major hubs and introduced a filtering mechanism which helps to navigate the flat structure. We increased this way the discoverability of the content. The visitor doesn't need to click through the navigation to find something interesting - he scrolls through the content, very much like you do on popular discovery sites.

We also introduced an aggregation of all the social media activity of BCIC with the blog posts and news updates. While blog posts and news updates get posted automatically to Twitter and Facebook, all Tweets, Youtube Videos, Facebook Posts etc. are visible on the website.

The site is also mobile ready featuring an adaptive design for desktop and tabled devices as well as an mobile website with all the content.


Client: British Columbia Innovation Council - Canada Agency: Latitude Agency Project: Website Main Duties: Website Design, Website Structure, Functionality and Strategy

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