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Visitor personalized responsive website for Cummins Westport

The Client

Cummins Westport Inc. designs, engineers, and markets 6 to 12 litre spark-ignited automotive natural gas engines for commercial transportation applications such as truck and buses.

The Brief

The old website was dated and didn't reflect the quality of the products build by CWI. Another main goal was to promote the educational section of the website. CWI has become sort of a thought leader in natural gas engines and the educational section is an important part of the communication strategy of CWI and has been expanded with a video section.

The Solution

Next to a clean website design with a responsive mobile layout we included also a backend solutions which helps us promote content to the visitors based on their search terms. Over 70% of the visitors to the CWI website have searched for natural gas engines and related technologies on a search engine before reaching the website. We use the search terms to personalize the landing page for each visitor. The new educational section has been named "Natural Gas Academy" and features next to the articles a video section with chapter support available both on desktops and mobile devices.

Client: Cummins Westport Inc. Agency: Latitude Agency Development Partner: Azaris Project: Website Main Duties: Desktop Web Design, Mobile Design, Website Structure, Functionality and Strategy, Naming

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