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Walker - The walking lamp

Ok, I could have named the lamp „Wally“, but Walker just gets the point. Walker is not only an enlightening example for independent design, but he goes his way through life. Literally speaking: He will not fall down if you kick him – he will run away. He runs obviously just as long the fabric coated cable will let him. It is a perfect partner for cosy moments, in either modern or traditional living spaces, which brings you moving moments.


Technical data

Use: for atmospheric indoor lighting Measures: 30 x 30 x 90H cm approx. Material: Iron, cable coated with cotton, electrical parts are PE (according to CE-Norms) Production: Made completely by hand in small batches Lamp: Spotone Reflectorlamp 30° - 40 W ELectrical connection: 110/230V 50/60Hz - 40W consumption Peculiarity: walks away when it‘s kicked

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i live in francecould you gives me the shop in paris where i can see your "walker" lamp bests regards

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I'm sorry, but this products have been produced in a limited number and are no longer available.

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