A wallet full of free money — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

A wallet full of free money


Sparkasse, the biggest local bank in South Tyrol, asked for a mailing to send to potential subscribers to their pension plan products. The mailing was aimed at customers of the bank and was focused on how much their clients can save in tax spending by subscribing to their pension fund. In fact the government is subsidizing the pension fund but the bank want to push the idea of money for free.

A wallet full of money

Have you ever found a wallet on the street? Do you remember how happy you were? This mailing builds on this idea. Once you open the idea you find a wallet full of money. Actually it is a paper replica of a real wallet with a check book. The copy on the checks give sample calculations based on the annual income and the copy on the various sides of the wallet explain the details of the fund.


Client: Südtiroler Sparkasse (Bank) (Visit site) Agency: Conzepta Format: Closed A5 Pages: Cover of Mailing 4, Wallet 8 Color: 4/4 (CMYK) Paper: Magno Matt Satin 300 gr/m2 Special Treatment: Wallet glued with detachable glue