Revolutionary Zipper-Mailing — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Revolutionary Zipper-Mailing


Ready for a revolution? The campaign issued by Maico for their new electronic window opening and control components was aimed at the big players of their market, leaders in the window producing sector in Italy. The market for windows is unevenly developed thorough Europe and Italy is one of the medium evolved markets. Technology does not spread as fast as in countries like the UK and Germany and the new components are a giant leap forward.

The client asked for a magazine ad and a mailing.

The Zipper

The Zipper was a similar revolution (technically speaking) and is now part of our everyday life.  No one really thinks of it as something “high tech” anymore. A perfect choice to make an ad where we compare the revolutionizing power of the zipper with the revolutionizing features of the components sold by Maico.

The magazine ad was quite easy to make and next to the visuals the headline and copy text played the role of explaining what the ad is all about.

The mailing on the other side has gone even further with the idea and we closed the mailing with a zipper. A real zipper sewed into the paper of the mailing. This visuals are taken again from the same photographs for the ad and the sewing was made by professional tailors by hand.


Client: Maico (Visit site) Agency: Conzepta Format: Closed A4, open A3 Pages: 6 Color: 4/4 (CMYK) Paper: Magno Matt Satin 300 gr/m2 Special Treatment: Zipper sewed on the mailing