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Pircher Catalog – Inspiring garden furniture


Pircher is the market leader for outdoor furniture and accessories made of wood in Italy. The premium brand Tartaruga was considered by its client for the quality of the product. Design was an aspect getting important and Pircher wanted Tartaruga to become a lifestyle brand. The new designs and the new orientation should be noticeable in the catalog, still the major point of contact with the client.


A reframing of the catalog structure and a major redesign. The chapters where named and themed after consumer needs. This helped the client to find exactly the products for his needs. Example of this reframing are:

  • Moments of joy (for tables, chairs and benches)
  • Shadow in the summer (pergolas, gazebos, ...)
  • Peaceful oasis (fences, blinds)
  • Natural harmonies (flower boxes)
  • Untroubled joy (playground equipment)

The reframing was matched with a design which looked more like a lifestyle magazine than a product catalog. All products are shown on location (not on white) often with various views and times of day. Special care has been taken in the photo retouching phase and in printing on the color of the wood as it is a crucial point for the customer decision.


Client: Pircher Oberland Agency: Conzepta Format: 21×28 cm Pages: 210 Color: 4 (CMYK)