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EWO Book Two - Glowing in the dark

The new structure of the book was based one topic: “Light” Not lighting as you might suppose. What happens when you have no lighting (the title night blind shows this concept) and what does light do when there is light. The resulting chapters where: Color, Form, Room and Character. No color, no form, no room and no character without light.

The book shows the projects and locations where Ewo Lights have been employed. The single projects where aligned to the four chapters and the images often have been retouched creatively to emphasize the intention of the lighting. Every project had at least two pages and many had fold-out pages to enrich the experience.

Silver is king

In this book printed in CMYK + Silver. The silver color is not only used to highlight some small parts on a page, but it’s often used as a main color for photographs. Often times designers are limited to think in CMYK, B/W and DuoTone – this time I wanted to break the common rules and show or hide the lamp on a page by using the silver color.

Glowing in the dark

Again as in book one; the cover was an important part of the whole product. While the first book was bright and shiny, the second one is dark and black. The paper used was thick and rough and the title is cut-out on the front. On the first page of the book a special color was printed to let the book glow in the dark. Just like the watches, the book’s title glows and gives the book a magic aura. So in the end, while you think this black book has nothing to do with light, it surprises you by being a light itself.

My services for this project

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Client: Ewo GmbH (Visit site) Agency: Conzepta Format: 21x28 cm Pages: 116 Color: 5 (CMYK+Silver) Paper:  Magno Matt Satin 115 gr/m2 Special Treatment: Cutout, Glowing ink