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EWO Book One - Silver mirrors


The client wanted a “catalog” for his main audience – architects and urban planners – which was not the usual book filled with technical details and some nice drawings. They wanted to go a step further and to inspire the reader. Ewo produces a wide range of high tech lighting, mostly for outdoors.

The book

To go further I needed to make an art book, not a catalog. An inspiring new mix of good photography and the right amount of technical info. The layout was executed in the style of an art book, large pictures and white space. Some of the photographs did not show the lamps but the light and the atmosphere the lamp created, some did show the lamp in bright daylight, turned off. The use of an additional color (silver) gives furthermore a stylish and high quality look.

The cover

A great amount of work went into the design of the cover. The technical difficulty of this was to find the right partner to print this book and the cover. The cover mimics the mirrors used by Ewo in its indirect lighting lamps. The tricky part was, that I wanted the cover not only to have the silver hotfoil shaped like the mirrors on the cover, but also to emboss this mirrors in order to have a physical representation of the mirrors. To complicate it even more I wanted the mirrors to go over the bleed. It took several tests to get to this result and this finish makes a great product amazing.


[lightbox_image big_image_url="http://frankie.bz/files/2010/01/fn_20100102_ewo_buch_002_LM_web.jpg"]http://frankie.bz/files/2010/01/fn_20100102_ewo_buch_002_LM_web-60x60.jpg[/lightbox_image]

[lightbox_image big_image_url="http://frankie.bz/files/2010/01/fn_20100102_ewo_buch_003_LM_web.jpg"]http://frankie.bz/files/2010/01/fn_20100102_ewo_buch_003_LM_web-60x60.jpg[/lightbox_image]

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Client: Ewo GmbH (Visit site) Agency: Conzepta Format: 21x28 cm Pages: 116 Colour: 5 (CMYK+Silver) Paper: Cover - Sirio Pearl 300 gr, Inside - Magno Matt Satin 115 gr/m2 Special Treatment: Hotfoil, Embossing