Burcon Nutrascience Mobile Website — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Burcon Nutrascience Mobile Website

The Client

Burcon is a pioneer in the development of novel vegetable-based protein ingredients.

The Brief

Burcon needed to make it's website accessible for mobile phones. Only specific sections of the website should be available.

The Solution

Since the original CMS didn't allow for a mobile design we opted for a dedicated mobile site on the m.burcon.ca domain. This domain is feed for the general pages through a separate CMS. Only the news section is crawled from the desktop website. The mobile website also features a stock chart and the video section has been optimized to be viewed on all mobile platforms, including Blackberry.

Client: Burcon Nutrascience Agency: Latitude Agency Development Partner: Azaris Project: Mobile Website Main Duties: Mobile Design