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Net neutrality - aka the internet as we know it

I love to see that the European Parlament embraces net neutrality. While we sometimes point fingers to Europe for their overbearing privacy laws etc., but Europe is also the place where the User is more important then any corporation or state (exception may apply). Regarding net neutrality I just want to add one argument why we need it - Net neutrality should be renamed in Net preservation, because it preserve the status quo ... the internet as we know it now. It has become as big and important because it was neutral and there has be no differentiation between services and content. This must continue to not halt the innovation and the growth of this important media.

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European Parliament adopts net neutrality resolution Net neutrality should be enshrined in European Union law, says the European Parliament, which adopted a resolution calling for net neutrality on 17 November.

Network neutrality is a principle that states that internet service providers to not give any content preferential treatment. Any given video, article, web page should get just as much bandwidth as another. Supporters of net neutrality warn that if it is abandoned, ISPs will create fast lanes for web traffic, where content from paying p...

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