Killing good ideas can harm your future — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Killing good ideas can harm your future

I have found today this video about a typical interview of a focus group in the stone age. First watch the video by clicking on the image above, then read my comments. Ok, it's a campaign of DraftFCB - an advertising holding. It's ment against clients, who seem to be too stupid to understand the great idea. But this is the classic view of a creative department towards clients. The client doesn't get it - but its the right solution for him.

Now you as a creative, an art director or agency have to ask yourself three questions:

  • Did I miss the point, misunderstand the briefing or my research on the market was wrong?
  • Do I have the right solution, but in the execution I've gone too far? Do only "creatives" get it this way?
  • Did I get it right, but my presentation was so weak, that the idea did not come across?

If you respond to any of this questions with yes, go ahead and start over.

If you fail on the first question you propably didn't do a rebriefing.

If you fail on the second you probably applied too high standards on the "receiver" end - assuming that you understand the meaning does not imply that your client or his clients will get it. If you present to a focus group ask yourself if the focus group is the correct one.

If you didn't present well you killed your idea by yourself.

And to switch sides another time ;-) If you are really sure about your idea and you client will not buy it, then try to sell it to its competitor. They will probably don't buy it either, unless you tell him, that its competitor didn't want it and if he takes it he will differentiate himself.